S/T Reviews:

“To Destroy a City is a shining light amongst the darkness.” – The Silent Ballet

“I can literally take this sound to bed and wake up with the same tune. That(s) how good it is.”  – The Sirens Sound

“…an excellent album… I highly recommend it to anyone that likes to sit back and get lost in the textures and soundscapes of ambient music.”  – The Innovative Music blog

“epic drama and guitar-laced atmosphere” – Textura

“a solid, gorgeous debut” – Windy City Rock

“To Destroy A City creates a lush sonic vibe” – PopMatters

“a very free flowing, superbly crafted debut offering” – Stereoboard

“a dream-like journey through luscious sonic landscapes … truly an emotional roller coaster” – OnRepeat

“It’s beautiful” – [sic] Magazine

“a warm and inviting foray through life” – Igloo Magazine


“This is one aural journey post rock fans will enjoy taking over and over” – Stationary Travels

“a strong contender for the best album of 2014” – Post-Rock Essentials

“one of the few perfect post rock albums of this year” – Deadly Music!

“nothing short of perfection” – The Siren’s Sound

“it is enough to say more To Destroy A City, please. Good record” – [sic] Magazine