Chicago-based To Destroy A City was formed in the summer of 2010 with the goal of merging the collective inspiration of many genres and styles of sound into unified, wholly emotive, compositional pieces. Andrew Welch (drums/synths/programming), Jeff Anderson (guitar/keyboards), and Michael Marshall (guitar) started quickly, writing the core of 5 of the 8 tracks on their self-titled debut within the first 2 months of their existence. Earth-shaking personal events followed, uniting the group even further and fueling the group’s emotional and creative output. In the frigid winter of 2011 To Destroy A City began recording what would become their debut at their north-suburban recording studio. Soon the cold gave way to new life as they created an album ripe with slow-burning ambience, pulsating rhythms, and soaring leads. Often building on a theme, the album weaves together melodic passages to create compositions trance-inducing in their simplicity, yet layered with meaning. At times dark and mournful, at others filled with hope, To Destroy A City’s debut serves as an introduction to a band seeking to push themselves into an entirely new world of emotion through sound.

Their self-titled debut was released 9.27.2011. Opening with the droning piano and dreamlike soundscape of Metaphor, the album takes the listener through highs and lows, pounding beats, and ethereal ambience, evoking influences such as The Appleseed Cast, Nine Inch Nails, Hammock, and Boards of Canada.

Rebuild, the remix companion to the self-titled, will be released on 9.6.2012 and will feature band curated reinterpretations by Solar Fields, Dalot, Lights Out Asia, Boy Is Fiction, Winterlight, Connectedness Locus, and M.Szaejko. Limited to 260 copies worldwide.